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Manjusha craft next generation classes

Earn While You Learn is especially for the house maker women. You can learn at our center and get work at your home. Our Learning programmes are not only to impart quality instruction but also to offer industry exposure and hands-on training after which the aspirants will be given a certificate. We hope you will find these modifications just as exciting as we do!

Level - Certificate Course

Once you complete Beginner course you are eligible to enroll into Earn while you Learn Programme.

Sessions Start December 1st

If you have completed Beginner Course, Join this session.


Course Offerings

Beginner Course

Monday – Thursday @11:45am

4 week course

You will learn about Manjusha Art, History, Different initiatives for it’s revival, Government Programmes and uses of colours.


Certificate Course

Every Friday & Saturday @11:45am

8 week course

You will learn about all the characters and their importance in Manjusha Folklore, various designs and motifs.


 Master Course

Every Sunday @11:45am

24 Sunday

You will be eligible to start your craft business on various online platform. We will link you with Government Programmes and several merchants. This Course Packaging and Quality Control oriented. 



Course Objectives & Outcomes


To make a rural women skilled


Revival of Our Ancient Folk Art


To manufacture crafts according to e-commerce era


Aspirants will be able to produce Quality Products


An skilled women can grab Startup Opportunity


To link with Online and Offline Market Opportunities

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Manjusha art not just folk art, It represents women empowerment. Join and be a part of revival Initiative. Along with all the courses we will help you in making government artisan cards and create seller accounts on India’s top e-commerce portal.

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